Two Exhibitions About Art and AIDS Open This Week in New York City

UNTIL THAT LAST BREATH! The Global Face of Women with HIV/AIDS 1987-1997 ©AnnPMeredith.com

“Art AIDs America,” which opened this week at the Bronx Museum, considers the lasting impact of HIV/AIDs on art and culture in America.  The exhibition, which started at the Tacoma Art Museum, is a broad survey of artworks created in response to the AIDS epidemic since the1980s and features the work of over 100 artists. A complete list of the artists can be found here: Art AIDS America Artist List The Bronx version of the exhibition includes additional works from the museum’s permanent collection and will be on view until September 25th.  Coinciding with “Art AIDs America,” the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art will present “A Deeper Dive,” which focuses on nine artists: Lawrence Broze, Brian Buczak, John Dugdale, Jimmy DeSana, Karen Finley, Deborah Kass, Glenn Ligon, Ann P. Meredith, and Anthony Viti.  Co-curated by Jonathan David Katz and Andrew Barron, “A Deeper Dive” explores the impact of HIV/AIDS on American art across a range of media including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and installation, by artists representing various gender and sexual identities.  

"A Deeper Dive" opens tonight, July 15th and runs through September 25th.


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