Leonore Chinn Retrospective at the GLBT History Museum

Detail of "Butler's View" (1993), self-portrait by Leonore Chinn

Paintings and photographs spanning thirty-five years of artist Leonore Chinn's observations of the San Francisco LGBTQ community will be on display at the GLBT History Museum this summer in the exhibition, "Picturing Kinship."  Chinn says, "My portraits reflect the many overlapping communities in which I move or which I have some connection to.  Many are colleagues or friends I have chronicled over three decades, so the viewer will see domestic partners, young men now departed due to HIV/AIDS and people from a wide variety of ethnic groups. Some have been involved in laying the groundwork for changing city policy pertaining to our civil rights, others are from my sociopolitical milieu. Together they have been pioneers in creating visibility and an infrastructure for our communities."

"Picturing Kinship" runs June 9 through September 18th 

 GLBT History Museum; 4127 18th St., San Francisco, CA

Opening reception: Jun 9th 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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