QCA Co-Sponsors #Crisis Pedagogy: Friday 2/17, 7-10pm at e-flux

QCA is co-sponsoring #CrisisPedagogy, a teaching-resource sharing event planned to coincide with CAA and slated for Friday 2/17, 7-10 PM.  The event was instigated by the Society of Contemporary Art Historians and the recently formed activist group Sense of Emergency.  Their goal is to bring colleagues together to share resources and ideas for the teaching of art and art history (inclusive of media, culture, and visual studies, etc.) in a time of crisis. February 17 is the day of general strike, and this event is accordingly organized with the idea that those of us who teach can no longer be conducting class business as usual. It will be a casual event, with drinks and snacks provided, and we invite folks to bring shareable data on laptops, drives, memory sticks, phones, etc. in order to contribute to a collective digital resource that will be compiled and posted to a common web platform. If you can't attend but want to contribute, you can send files to crisispedagogy@gmail.com.

Friday, February 17, 7 - 10PM at e-flux, 311 E Broadway


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